Industries We Support

Cotel supports various industries for its wide customers base across North America (specifically the United States). Expertise across various industry segments gives an edge for support and sustenance.


The banking and investment industry can be extremely demanding, but never ending travel around the country to take care of business doesn’t have to be. We at Cotel are confident with our ability to meet your needs and exceed your expectations through one of our many corporate lodging properties, and are waiting for the opportunity to help you wherever, whenever.


We know that construction crews on the go endure long hours on jobsites, that’s why we pay extra attention to their specific needs at the end of their day. Cotel is the most reasonable choice for construction crews as it is the perfect combination of hotel service and reasonable rates. We offer full sized, fully furnished living spaces so that your crew feels at home for a fraction of hotel prices.


At Cotel we know that consultants on the go need a space where they can work efficiently as well as relax at the end of their long day. That’s why we made sure to include amenities in our rates so that they can reach their objectives while traveling with the least amount of stress possible. Consultants know they can trust Cotel’s properties to be their home away from home while on the road.


With over 27 years of experience in the corporate housing market, academic institutions trust Cotel with their employees’ housing needs. We are confident that we can fit your institution’s budget and exceed your expectations through our various offered options. Whether it’s a week, 30 days, or even a longer stay, Cotel is here to help academic institutions’ employees find the choice that mostly fits their plan.


Cotel is the perfect choice for traveling engineers that seek personalized service for reasonable rates. With different packages available for both short and long term stays, we are confident in our ability to deliver flawless service in our fully furnished properties in each location. Engineers and their families can rely on Cotel to be their second home whenever they’re on the go.


Entertainment industry professionals can find their home away from home when choosing Cotel for their housing needs. Theater, music, film, and television professionals along with their families can enjoy the different housing packages we offer, at a much reasonably priced rate than hotels. We take customer service to the next level through our personalized customer meet and greet upon arrival, and the different services we know our customers need when on the road. Cotel has options to match every budget, and ensuring your utmost satisfaction with your visit is our goal!

Govt & Military

It’s an honor for us to serve the men and women in the military as they move form temporary to permanent housing. Our fully furnished properties accommodate your needs as a service member of the team or a government representative as they are placed in convenient locations and priced reasonably with different budgets in mind. We are aware of the importance of the job you do for our country, and we are thrilled for the opportunity to help you in a time of uncertainty.


Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, medical professional, or patient, we understand the hardships of being away from home for business or treatment. That’s why we pay extra attention to those involved with the healthcare industry as we know how important your time is in the different city you find yourself in. At Cotel, we take extra steps to ensure your time at any of our properties is as pleasant and hassle free as possible while you take care of your business during the day.


Displaced insurance policy holders who need a home as their claims are being processed can rely on Cotel to provide alternative temporary housing. Short as well as long term options are available to families and traveling insurance adjusters alike, who can rest assured that they would be offered a relaxing home environment while dealing with unforeseen situations.
With various convenient locations in different neighborhoods, we aim to exceed policyholders expectations and resolve any issues that might arise quickly and efficiently as these are the primary goals which set us apart from the rest in the industry.


Law enforcement members, lawyers, judges, and court officials know that Cotel is the perfect choice for their housing needs while away for business or pleasure. With full sized living spaces available at reasonable rates, we offer you more than an overpriced small hotel room, we offer the feeling of home away from home. You can trust our 27 years of experience in corporate housing and rest assured that we guarantee our customers’ satisfaction at each visit.

Oil & Gas

Cotel understands the needs and priorities of oil and gas professionals in such a dynamic industry. Choosing our company for your corporate housing needs ensures that your employees benefit from our convenient locations near job sites and the comfort of home while on the road. Our properties offer guests an alternative to expensive hotel rates while maintaining the high quality of service they deserve.

Real Estate

Cotel caters to travelers of the real estate industry , and works hard to provide them with the comfort of home away from home. With over 27 years of experience in corporate housing, we understand the most important elements of choosing the right company for your housing needs while on the road: location, amenities, and pricing. Cotel is the perfect combination of the three as it offers great amenities at numerous locations for reasonable rates.


Whether it’s for building a new house, selling the old one, or accepting an assignment away from home, relocating can be a tricky experience. Families can experience the feeling of being home at Cotel whenever they take advantage of our full sized living spaces created with their needs in mind. We offer short and long term packages in various cities to fit your family’s needs as closely as possible, while in transition to a new beginning.


Retail companies and their employees trust Cotel to provide them with outstanding housing options at reasonably priced rates. Cotel knows that traveling professionals sometimes find themselves in stressful situations, that’s why we provide full sized living spaces in various properties around the country along with extraordinary customer service to make your trip less stressful, and ensure your satisfaction with your stay.


Professional athletes along with their agents, employees and families find their home away from home with Cotel. With over 27 years of experience in corporate housing, we know the sports industry’s unique challenges and we work with you accordingly. We offer full sized living spaces for reasonable rates in different locations around the country, along with exceptional customer service so that your utmost satisfaction is guaranteed,


Employees of the telecommunication industry trust our 27 years of experience in the corporate housing market to deliver an outstanding experience while traveling for business or pleasure. We serve different markets throughout the country and offer full sized living spaces for reasonable rates to fit every budget. Whether it’s a short or long term stay, Cotel can give you the experience of home away from home and ensure that your utmost satisfaction is met each time you stay with us. you stay with us.


Sometimes you just want to get away from familiar surroundings and explore the things other cities and States have to offer, without enduring the high rates of a hotel. Cotel caters to tourists and sightseers by providing reasonably priced options in various locations without compromising exceptional customer service. We know that most people do not take vacations as often as they would like to, and we work very hard to make sure that the one you take with us is unforgettable!