Settling In Services

Cotel is a full-service corporate housing and relocation services company. We have been hosting guests at high-end properties throughout the nation for decades, and would like to share the cotel experience with you today. Whether you’re looking for an executive apartment, short term housing or a serviced high-rise, Cotel will find the property that is perfect for you.

Cotel doesn’t just work at finding the temporary housing accommodation that meets your wants and needs – we offer a number of corporate and relocation services that help to make your transfer as easy as possible. Below is a complete list of relocation services provided by Cotel.

“Settling In” Services:

Meet and Greet

Airport Transportation

Grocery shopping service

Rental car reservation and delivery

City Orientation

Social Security numbers – Who is eligible and how/where to get one

Accompany to Social Security office

How/When/Where to apply for a driver’s license

Arrange driving lessons

Buying and owning a car

Language instruction options and recommendations

Schooling information/options and tour of up to 3 facilities

Child care options and tour of up to 3 facilities

Insurance for automobiles and/or personal property

Medical facilities and standard procedures

Grocery shopping assistance, if needed

Welcome Handbook

Handbook and written information on items listed above

School services/visitations

Spousal assistance

On-call assistance


Settling In Service fees may be charged per hour or on a customized package rate.